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Dinosaur Fossils and Other Quality Fossils for Sale

Pleistocene Wooly Mammoth Tooth
Mammuthus columbi
Beaumont Formation
Nueces County, Texas
Eocene Green River Mioplosus Aspiration
Mioplosus labracoides
Aspirating Knightia sp.
Green River Formation
Middle Eocene
Lincoln County, Wyoming
Jurassic Morrison Camarasaurus Tooth
Camarasaurus sp.
Morrison Formation
Upper Jurassic
Moffat County, Colorado
Eocene Green River Multiple Insects
Liometopum pingue with Chilosia sp (Scudder)
Green River Formation
Parachute Creek Member
Middle Eocene
Uintah County, Utah
Jurassic Solnhofen Brittle Star
Geocoma carinata
Solnhofen Limestone (Upper Jurassic Tithonian)
Eichstatt, Germany
UK Ammonite Placenticeras
Placenticeras meeki
Pierre Formation
Upper Cretaceous (Campanian)
Meade County, South Dakota