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Dinosaur Fossils and Other Quality Fossils for Sale

Oligocene Tortoise Stylemys
Stylemys nebrascensis
Brule Formation
Middle Oligocene
Niobrara County, Wyoming
Eocene Green River Crayfish
Procambarus primaevus
Green River Formation
Middle Eocene
Lincoln County, Wyoming
UK Ammonite Hoploscaphites
Hoploscaphites plenus
Bear Paw Formation
Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)
Dawson County, Montana
Carcharodon Shark Tooth
Carcharadon megalodon
Yorktown Formation (Miocene)
Beaufort County, North Carolina
Mazon Creek Fern
Pecopteris sp.
Carbondale Formation
Middle Pennsylvanian
Grundy County, Illinois
Jurassic Solnhofen Lobster
Eryma minuta
Solnhofen Limestone (Upper Jurassic Tithonian)
Eichstatt, Germany